The Trading Hotkeys cBot will allow you to use your keyboard or any other controller that allows keyboard key mapping to execute trades on cTrader.

You can set the keys to any of the keyboard keys and you just have to run one instance of cBot, it works even if the cTrader is on the background and doesn't has the focus on your Windows, you just have to run an instance of cBot and start trading with your keyboard or controllers.

You must only run one instance of cBot at the same time, otherwise the cBot operations will be duplicated, or use different hot-keys for different instances so they will not have any conflict with each other.


You can download the cBot from its page on our site, the cBot gives you a free trial license, if you purchased it then you can use your email and order number to activate it.


The cBot ".algo" file(s) is packaged in downloaded zip file, extract the ".algo" file(s) from zip package and follow this process for each:

  1. Open the extracted ".algo" file(s)
  2. cTrader will ask you for confirmation of installation, confirm the installation
  3. cTrader will show a popup message that it successfully installed the algo