The indicator ".algo" file(s) is packaged in downloaded zip file, extract the ".algo" file(s) from zip package and follow this process for each:

  1. Open the indicator ".algo" file
  2. cTrader will ask you for confirmation of installation, confirm the indicator installation
  3. cTrader will show a popup message that indicator successfully installed


The classic version of market profile shows only one single histogram on either left/right of your chart, this histogram represents the all chart visible data market profile, and it changes if you load more historical data on your chart or on new upcoming price data.


This version of indicator shows multiple market profile histograms based on x number of previous bars.

Time Frame

This version show market profile of a larger time frame on a shorter time frame.

Between Two Line

This versions is little bit different from above versions, it shows just the profile between tow vertical lines in your chart.

You have to attach it on your chart and then add two vertical lines on your chart, the comment of lines must be same and ends with the provided suffix in indicator parameter settings.

You can have as many vertical range lines as you want to, the indicator will plot the profile between each of those lines.

Each pair of vertical lines must have same comment and ends with the suffix you provided for indicator "Lines Comment Suffix" parameter.


Its similar to "Between Two Line Version" but it shows the profile on a rectangle box, the setting is similar to two line version except here you add a rectangle on your chart instead of vertical lines and the rectangle comment must end with the indicator "Rectangle(s) Comment Suffix" parameter value.