cTrader is a feature-rich trading platform, but it lacks one of the most needed features which is manual strategy backtesting.

If you are an algorithmic trader you code your strategy and backtest it on the cTrader Automate back-tester, but for classic manual traders there is no such feature, either you have to do it by your self on a chart which isn't that effective at all as you will do selective trades and avoid trading bad signals or skip the backtesting which in turn makes you less confident on your trading strategy.

Some manual trading strategies aren't codable as trader might use some subjective stuff which is very hard to code..

Our Manual Strategy Teset program allows you to test your manual trading strategies inside cTrader back tester, it uses the cTrader backtester visualise mode for replication of manual back testing, and it shows a window that allows you to execute any kind or order you want to or modify the placed orders, inside cTrader back teseter you will be able to see your trading statistics and performance.

You can attach any of your cTrader platform indicators on the cTrader back tester chart, and you will be able to change the back tester speed.

Another great feature of cTrader backtester is being able to pause it, so if you aren't comfortable to execute an order when backtester is running you can always pause the backtester and execute your order on the Manual Strategy Tester window then resume the backtester.