Regular Version

Periods: The number of x previous bars that indicator uses for calculation

Time frame Version

Based on: Here you specify which time frame data should indicator use for calculation of profiles

Between Two Line Version

Lines Comment Suffix: Indicator will use this suffix for finding the vertical line pairs, both of the vertical lines must have same comment

Rectangle Version

All Rectangles: If "Yes" then indicator will shows the volume profile for all rectangles on your chart otherwise use the below comment option

Rectangle(s) Comment: If you want to shows the volume profile only for some specific rectangles then here set the comment and use the same comment for those rectangles


  • Delta: The volume profile indicator works on two different mode, the default mode shows the amount of buy and sell volume on each price level and the other mode is delta, which shows the difference between buy and sell volume on a price level

  • Profiles #: Here you set the number of profiles you want to see on your chart

  • Offset: By increasing/decreasing this parameter you can move the volume profile bars forward and backward

  • Max Length: The maximum length of volume profile bars based on chart bar number

  • Width (Pips): The volume profile bars width in Pips, Adjust it based on chart time frame and symbol, lower numbers decrease the indicator loading speed and might cause your platform to crash or hang for some time

  • Value Area %: The percentage of value area, this value will be divided in half and added/subtracted to point of control or POC

  • On Tick Update: Indicator doesn't recalculates the data on each incoming tick because due to performance issues, if you enable this parameter then it will recalculate the last profile on each upcoming tick

  • Pause Profile Update: In case you want to pause the incoming price data update for this indicator then enable this option, its useful for back testing

  • Remove Previous Profiles: This parameter is only available on two line and rectangle versions of indicator, if you disable it the indicator will not remove the profile while you move the vertical lines or rectangles

  • VA Bullish/Bearish Color: The color in hex code or color name for volume bars which are inside the value area

  • Outside VA Bullish/Bearish Color: The color in hex code or color name for volume bars which are outside the value area

  • Separator Line: If you enable it each period volume profile will be separated with a vertical line, enable "show all" parameter to see the full effect

  • Separator Line Color: The separator line color in hex code or color name

  • Transparency: The parameter controls the volume profile bars transparency (0 transparent-255 solid)

  • Side: Set it left or right, its not case sensitive and left side is recommended