• Max TimeFrame #: Here you set the maximum time frames number, 1-10

  • Bar #: The number of bar, 0 means last bar and the lower you go it means x previous bar from the last bar

  • Update Interval: This is the time period that indicator will check the different time frames data for updating its output, the format is "Hour:Minutes:Seconds"

  • Heiken Ashi: If you turn on this option, the indicator will use the Heiken Ashi data instead of conventional OHLC data for calculation

Heiken Ashi

  • Smoothed: If you turned on the Heiken Ashi parameter then here if you set this parameter to "Yes" indicator will use smoothed version of Heiken Ashi otherwise it will use the normal version

  • Smoothed MA Type: The moving average type for smoothed Heiken Ashi

  • Smoothed MA Period: The moving average period for smoothed Heiken Ashi


The indicator allows you to select up to 10 different time frames, and it will show each of those time frames current trend direction.

  • TimeFrame Label: The label will b used by indicator on the output, if you leave it empty then indicator will show the default time frame string text


In this section you set the font settings for indicator text that will appear on your chart


The colors for different market conditions and text, you can use both color names and hexadecimal color codes


The dashboard squares settings, you can change the squares height, width, margin, opacity, etc...


The is the main panel setting, any change in here will effect everything inside the main dashboard panel


To change to location of dashboard panel on your chart vertically or horizontally, you can use this section parameters


  • Email: Enter the email address you used for purchasing the product, if you haven't purchased yet then leave it empty so you will get a 10 day free trial license

  • Error Color: The color that will be used for showing error messages related to licensing

Update Message

  • Enable: Should indicator show the update to new version notification message or not when a new version of indicator was released?

  • Horizontal Alignment: The horizontal alignment of update notification message

  • Vertical Alignment: The version alignment of update notification message

  • Color: The color of update message, you can use both color names and hexadecimal color codes