Multi TimeFrame

  • Enable: If "Yes" then indicator will use another time frame data for zones calculation instead of your chart current time frame data

  • TimeFrame: If you set the above parameter to "Yes" then here you can select the time frame for indicator


  • Periods: Indicator uses this number for calculating the zone, higher periods mean stronger zones

Broken Zones

  • Remove: If "Yes" then indicator will show only valid zones and it removes all broken zones

  • Zones # to Keep: If you enabled the above parameter then set here the number of recent broken zones that you want to keep (default is 0)

Coincident Zones

  • Coincident Zones: We strongly suggest enabling this parameter as it removes coincided zones and saves lots of resource

Time Limit

  • Enable: The time limit feature allows you to set an specific amount of validity time for a zone, as new zones works much better than old zones

  • Periods: If you enabled the time limit, then here you can set the number of bars for a zone to be considered valid, after this number of bars passed from zone start bar the zone will be removed from your chart

General Appearance

  • Auto Extend: If "Yes" then indicator automatically extends each zone to the latest available bar

  • Color Alpha: Set the amount of zones transparency (0-255)

  • Filled: Set it to "Yes" if you want to fill zones background with your defined color

  • Include Bar Body: By default it only extend the zones to the bar wicks but if you enable this parameter the zones will include wick and body (Good for Renko charts)

  • Interactive: This parameter allows you to modify the zones on your chart

Supply/Demand Supply Appearance

  • Color: Here you can set the color of supply/demand zone lines

  • Thickness: This parameter allows you to change the thickness of zone lines

  • Style: You can use Dots, DotsRare, DotsVeryRare, Lines, LinesDots and Solid options for lines style


  • Enable: If you want to enable the indicator alert (popup, sound, and email) feature then set this parameter to "Yes"

  • Show Window: If "Yes" then the indicator will show the alert window upon initialization, you can use this option to set the alert window settings

  • Trigger Distance(Pips): Here you set the minimum number of pips distance between price and zones to trigger alert


  • On Start Cleanup: If "Yes" all supply/demand indicator related objects will be removed from chart each time the indicator initializes, disable it if you want to modify zones and if not then always leave is enabled otherwise each zone will have multiple chart objects

  • Re-add Removed Zones: If you remove a zone in interactive mode by mistake and this parameter is enabled the indicator will re-add the removed zone to its default position