Base TF: The time frame that will be used by indicator for calculation

Periods: This number of previous bars percentage return will be summed up by indicator on each pair


Show: Should indicator show the numeric ranking list?

On Chart: If "Yes" then the ranking will be showed on the main chart otherwise on the indicator window

Color: The color of numeric ranking list

Vertical/Horizontal Alignment: The alignment of numeric ranking list

Font Family: The family of font that will be used for buttons text

Font Size: The size of buttons text font

Font Style: The style of buttons text font

Font Weight: The weight of buttons text font


Default FX Symbols: These are the FX pairs that will be used by indicator for calculating each currency strength, only make change on this parameter value if your broker symbol codes are different from default values we provided here

Custom FX Symbols: If you want to extend the number of FX pairs then enter the pair codes here, separate each pair code with a comma without any space around it