• Base TF: The time frame that will be used by indicator for calculation

  • Periods: This number of previous bars percentage return will be summed up by indicator on each pair


  • Show: Should indicator show the numeric ranking list?

  • On Chart: If "Yes" then the ranking will be showed on the main chart otherwise on the indicator window

  • Color: The color of numeric ranking list

  • Vertical/Horizontal Alignment: The alignment of numeric ranking list

  • Font Family: The family of font that will be used for buttons text

  • Font Size: The size of buttons text font

  • Font Style: The style of buttons text font

  • Font Weight: The weight of buttons text font

Update Message

  • Enable: Should indicator show the update to new version notification message or not when a new version of indicator was released?

  • Horizontal Alignment: The horizontal alignment of update notification message

  • Vertical Alignment: The version alignment of update notification message

  • Color: The color of update message, you can use both color names and hexadecimal color codes