What's MacroForex?

Its an app that allows you to have real time access to economic indicators releases, and analyze those events in comparison to other data like performance of a Forex pair or other alternative data.

The list of MacroForex features are long, but the key ones are:

Economic calendar and indicators

Analyzer for analyzing the different types of data

Strategies, which allows you to run automated trading tasks on your cTrader trading accounts based on economic indicator events

Who this is for?

We have built this app for Forex traders, people who don't have mastery on economics or don't have access to data they need for getting trading decisions or analyzing a country economy.

How can it benefit a trader?

If you are an experienced Forex trader you know how hard its to make a fortune out of trading Forex, trading currencies is much harder than other markers because you have to analyze too much data, by too much I mean if you are going to trade GBPJPY you have to know what's going on UK economy? and Japan economy? in which cycle are those two economies? even that's not enough because you have to know the economical cycle of world economy and imagine how many indicators you have to analyze? and think about collecting the data of those indicators from different sources.

MacroForex helps you to have everything well structured in once place with all the tools you need.

What are the prerequisites?

You have to know how to use a Windows app, and working with it and also you have to have a basic understanding or statistics and economical indicators.


The installation is simple and like any other Windows program, you have to download the installer from our site and then follow the installer steps by clicking on "Next" button, once the installation finished you will be able to run it by checking the "launch after installation" check box on final step of installation or by opening the "MacroForex" shortcut from your desktop.