This indicator is built based on .NET framework 4.7.2, if this version of .NET is not installed on your system you can download and install it from here.

If you don't install the .NET framework 4.7.2 then the indicator will not work on your system, if your system is a Windows 10 or later and the latest updates are installed then the .NET framework 4.7.2 might be already installed on your system.

Chart Calendar uses WPF UI framework for showing a pop-up window whenever you click a news line on your chart, if your cTrader crashed after you clicked on a news line please report the issue by copying the error message detail next time you open your cTrader and sending it to:


To downloaded the indicator you can either use the free download option of trial version which will for for 10 days and allows you to test the indicator or you can purchase it.

Once you purchased the indicator you can download the indicator full version file from your account downloads page.

For downloading the trial version you don't need to open an account on our site or provide any kind of information, just click on the "Free Download Trial Version" button on the product page on our site.


The indicator ".algo" file(s) is packaged in downloaded zip file, extract the ".algo" file(s) from zip package and follow this process for each:

  1. Open the indicator ".algo" file
  2. cTrader will ask you for confirmation of installation, confirm the indicator installation
  3. cTrader will show a popup message that indicator successfully installed