• Periods: This number of previous bars from last closed bar will be checked to see if the area is flat or not based on your defined maximum deviation

  • Max Variation (Pips): The maximum variation of flat area in Pips


  • Signal Distance (Pips): The distance of indicator signal dots from bars high/low in Pips


  • Enable: If "Yes" then an alert window will popup on each new divergence setup, you can enable sound, email, and Telegram alerts on the alert window settings

  • Show Window: If "Yes" then the alert window will be showed once upon indicator initialization, this will allow you to configure the alert window

Update Message

  • Enable: Should indicator show the update to new version notification message or not when a new version of indicator was released?

  • Horizontal Alignment: The horizontal alignment of update notification message

  • Vertical Alignment: The version alignment of update notification message

  • Color: The color of update message, you can use both color names and hexadecimal color codes